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To Walk Away

If I walk away my sorrows will stay behind where I leave them, back where sorrow rules. I do not care where I go, just as long as I am far away from what has taken over my life. I am walking now, walking away from everyone and everything. I wear nothing fancy nor do I carry anything. I have not prepared for anything; however I do not plan on stopping till I am sure sorrow is far behind. I see nothing but dryness and sand. Is it really what is ahead of me or is it an illusion trying to dishearten me? Is sorrow afraid it might loose its battle over me? I will not let simply an illusion win me. I will continue to walk. I feel so calm. There is no one or nothing to cause me pain. Could it be that sorrow is left behind? Could it be that I have walked out of its kingdom? One more step and my feet are hurting. Maybe if I walk some more they will become numb and I won’t feel the pain… why isn’t this working? Now my legs are aching. I said I will not stop walking until my sorrows are left behind so I am still going to walk. How long has it been? Days? The pains have moved on to my back, my throat is dry and my stomach feels as though someone turned it inside out. I spoke too soon to wonder if I left sorrow behind. Gravity has become hard to fight to fight; my whole body is breaking and falling. Sorrow is taking over my body. My feet are now bleeding; I am leaving trails of blood behind myself. It is my mark on this land, this earth that I tried to fight sorrow to the greatest extents. I am now on my hands and feet; crawling I attempt to go as far as I can. Sorrow has a strength difficult to comprehend. It has sent its army after me and they are shooting me with arrows that are piercing my body. I am now dragging myself and the sun is setting. My hands are also bleeding and my eyes are closing. The last thing I see is the sun set with a flash of light across the horizon. I am surrounded by darkness but no sorrow or pain. No blood or thirst. I have won; I have left sorrow’s kingdom.Image


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