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I am …

Why couldn’t I be an effortless suite of music? ……..
Just wander away from reality, my eyes closed, to a place so peaceful and far away …
Maybe I could be an ever flowing river, or maybe, ruthless ocean winds. No care, no worry. Mindlessly carving my way and legacy, through time.
Maybe I could just float away in the melodies of a tune. Rises and falls of harmony which evokes all sorts of hidden emotions. A tune so careless … unknowingly affecting others. No one to affect me, but those who play my majesty.
So much more than I am now … I could be, would be, will be … a tune … a melody … a harmony … a river … winds … passionate, unreckonable, boundless, unconquerable, undefeatable, inexhaustible and unfathomable! … the epitome of majesty and true perfection! Far away … far far away from anything less than myself.
I am a tune that makes you feel insignificant, irrelevant, meaningless, and negligible.
I am a harmony, a melody, which rises and falls at its own will, decision, power, and resolution.
I am the indestructible winds that travel where and as they please, desire, thirst, and yearn.
I am the river who carves its way through nature and forms, designs, fashion s, and conforms the earth!
I am lost … I am gone … I am beautiful … I am everything I could never be ……

This music inspired my writing.


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August 1, 2013 · 9:03 pm


I often sit and stare at the sun or maybe the stars and moon. I might even stare into the dark empty sky and wallow about the fact that the sky is deprived of stars. But today I am not sitting nor am I even looking in the direction of the sky. I just stand here and watch as every single drop of this waterfall hits the rocks below and joins the stream. I just smile and think how many people must have cried to make this stream flow with such density. Then I think to myself why I must personify everything in such a manner. Let me laugh at myself and release me from this beautiful and lovely torture. A bird sits at the top of the waterfall and drinks from it, tell it not to drink from here, his thirst divests someone hurt from releasing their pain and sorrow. Tell it to drink from the calm ocean bay where the rage of expression is not so intense, from where if even some tears are stolen it does not matter much as these tears are just of formality. Those tears are meaningless and unsought for. They exasperate me, infuriate me, yet I come to the conclusion I should not be bothered. So I turn and walk away calmly.Image


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